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All Tender

# Title Type expire_date ins_date
1 CAMC of AC and Stabilizers National 2019-03-28 Click
2 supply and installation of two Anaesthesia Workstation National 2019-03-21 Click
3 Online bids for CAMC of Video Conferencing Devices installed in CPCB and RDs National 2019-03-22 Click
4 SPRING HANGER National 2019-04-02 Click
5 Solar Street Security Lights National 2019-04-01 Click
6 DG Set National 2019-03-22 Click
7 Microtome National 2019-03-28 Click
8 Toilet Bathroom Block National 2019-03-25 Click
9 Hiring of IP Based CCTV System National 2019-03-28 Click
10 Notice Inviting Tender for Printing Works National 2019-03-28 Click
11 Tender for supply of Two Heavy Duty Multifunctional Printing Machines A3 Size National 2019-03-22 Click
12 Supply of EMCCD Camera National 2019-03-22 Click
13 TRANSCEIVER National 2019-03-29 Click
14 Maintenance of LAN Equipment and Servers at Jamia Millia Islamia National 2019-03-21 Click
15 Supply of Real Time Digital Emulator National 2019-03-26 Click
16 Supply Installation and Commissioning of Nitrogen Laser unit with external power supply National 2019-03-20 Click
17 BATTERY OPERATED WHEEL CHAIR National 2019-03-21 Click
18 HYDRAZINE HYDRATE National 2019-03-21 Click
19 CHEMICAL PURCHASE National 2019-03-21 Click