If you really want an aisle full of petals have an adult scatter an even layer just before the bridal party arrives. Your flower girl can still sprinkle a few petals on top, but she's not responsible for the overall look. If your flower girl isn't actually scattering petals you could suggest she carries her favourite doll or teddy bear down the aisle, perhaps dressed in a special co-ordinating wedding outfit. Little girls tend to be much braver with a teddy by their side. Having two flower girls to walk together, or having the flower girl and page boy walk down the aisle at the same time can really increase their confidence.

A well-written and heartfelt card will never go astray. Design or purchase some beautiful stationery or bridesmaid dresses 2016 and write her a note telling her how much it would mean to you to have her be a part of your special day. Hand deliver the card with a beautiful bunch of flowers and watch the happy tears flow.

Source all of her favourite items such as nail polish, teabags, chocolate, jewellery, cheap prom dresses, hand creams or body lotions and place them all in a gorgeous box. Wrap with a beautiful ribbon and adorn with a card which reads, will you be my bridesmaid? Unless your bestie has severe allergies, you can never go wrong with a beautiful bunch of fresh blooms! Buy her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and have them delivered with a special note saying be my bridesmaid?

This style is very simple and elegant. It too suits brides of all shapes and sizes. The A-Line can be slender and narrow or it can be quite wide, requiring a hoop. You do need to bear in mind, however, the larger your hips, the wider the base of the skirt will be. Remember, you want to create an illusion of being tall and slim. If the skirt is too narrow, and your hips too wide, it will simply draw unnecessary attention to that part of your body.

Likewise, the more delicate bride does not need internal support (boning). The gown be incredibly elegant, in fact, this would have to be the most feminine of all the styles of gowns available.