Wedding dresses are available with a wide range of bodice styles to suit all body shapes. If you're having a gown made by the designer cheap wedding dresses, or visiting a bridal store, they should be able to give you some advice about the best styles to suit you. Here are some commom bodice styles.

You've probably tried on plenty of other beach wedding dresses you liked a lot. Some may have had gorgeous materials, beautiful beading or go perfectly with the headpiece you had in mind. But when you find that perfect fit and form, the rest will seem ever-so-slightly ordinary. Let's face it – nothing else will ever measure up to this dress.

Try having her parents or grandparents sitting near the front of the ceremony on the aisle so that she can see them as she walks along. They can smile and encourage her if she seems to be faltering. Have the flower girl walk in front of the maid of honour instead of the bride. This means that the maid of honour can escort the flower girl if she gets last minute stage fright.

This style is an addition to either of the abovementioned styles, whereby a sheer fabric layer such as organza or chiffon is sewn over the top of the prom dresses, usually strapless. A very popular style is to have a boat neckline which compliments the linear top edge of the strapless bodice (above the bust).

When you put on 'The princess wedding dresses' and look in the mirror, you should be able to visualise yourself walking down the aisle towards your future spouse. If you can imagine your husband-to-be's reaction, and almost hear the whispers of praise from your guests, you know this is the perfect choice for your own red carpet moment.